Mark Kiddie Cup

The OSCA Board awards the annual Mark Kiddie Trophy to the high-overall sub gauge champion at the Ohio State Sporting Clays Championship.

2016 – The 2016 Mark Kiddie Award for small gauge HOA was awarded to Dick Vance.  Dick outdistanced his competitors by accumulating 134 hits over the three 50 bird sub-gauge courses, inclusive of a win in the 28 gauge event with a score of 47.   Bill Mayer – last year’s Kiddie Cup winner – bested the field in the 20 gauge event with a 47, and Tex Mobley – recipient of the very first Kiddie Cup –  won the .410 event by breaking 45 targets.

2015 – Bill Mayer accepted the 2015 Mark Kiddie Award for small gauge HOA, reprising his win in 2014.  On challenging courses set in the hills and ravines of Briar Rabbit, Bill maintained good form in all three events, breaking a combined 119 of the 150 targets presented to him.   Tom Rojewski topped the 20 gauge event with 44, while Roy Leasure shot 43 for the 28 gauge win and Bill took the .410 championship hitting 40.

2014 – Bill Mayer took home the 2014 Mark Kiddie Award.  His overall score for all three 3 sub-gauges was an impressive 135 out of 150. Mayer shot a 47 on the 20 gauge course, a 47 on the 28 gauge course and a 41 on the 410 bore course.

2013 – The 2013 Mark Kiddie Award went to Todd Kemmerer.  Since the first Mark Kiddie Memorial Award in 2009, Todd has won  3 out of 5 times, 2010, 2011 and 2013. Todd started out with scoring a perfect 50 in 20 gauge. His overall score for all three 3 sub-gauges scored was an amazing 141 out of 150. The nearest competitor scored 138. Todd was also inducted into the OSCA Hall of fame in 2012. We are fortunate that Todd has been a great asset to both the OSCA and the NSCA for many years.

2012 – Larry Welti won Small Gauge HOA with 136, – five birds up on the nearest competitor.  Welti fired 46 on both the .410 and the 20 gauge, and took a 44 on the 28 gauge. Tom Veach was .410 champ with 47. Andy Pschesang’’s 49 topped the 28 gauge in a field of 99 shooters, and Rick Merb, out for his first shoot of the year, won twenty gauge with a 48.

2011 – Todd Kemmerer won the Small Gauge HOA Mark Kiddie Trophy at the 2011 Ohio State Championship. A competitive shooter since 1993, he is always a threat to win any event he enters. Kemmerer is the organizer of the state’s Kids and Clays program and raises in excess of $100,000 annually for the Ronald McDonald House Charity. He has followed his friend Kiddie into the leadership role in organizing the most successful charitable shooting event in the nation, the Boomer Esaison Foundation for Cystic Fibrosis  Kemmerer continues his involvement in the OSCA where he has demonstrated innovative leadership for several years. He pushed the association to adopt a concept aiming for high quality, and more fairness by bringing in a well-known course designer annually for the state championships. He advocated two year contracts with host clubs for the state shoot to allow clubs to balance their cost issues for upgrades over both years.

2010 – Todd Kemmerer won the small gauge HOA Mark Kiddie Trophy with a combined score of 132 at the 2010 Ohio State Championship. Hill ‘n Dale’s ‘perfect’ small gauge course proved to be the right combination of interesting, challenging, and shootable. Intertwined around a network of ponds, and through a pine woods, this course drew not one discouraging word. Entries totaled 279 in the events staged on this little gun course – including pump and double gun action.

2009 – Tex Mobley accepts the new Mark Kiddie Award from the Ohio Sporting Clays Association for winning Small Gauge HOA at the 2009 Ohio State Championship. The award is named for Mark Kiddie, who died a month before the state shoot. Kiddie was a perennial favorite for the small gauge events, hence the naming of the trophy to memorialize him. The new Kiddie Cup was fashioned from a trophy that had been in Kiddie’s collection from years gone by. It will be a traveling trophy with each year’s winner added to the base. Kiddie had been a board member of the Ohio Sporting Clays Association (OSCA), an inductee into the Ohio Hall of Fame, and a state delegate to the NSCA.