Code of Regulations

ARTICLE I:   PURPOSE The purposes of the Ohio Sporting Clays Association (“OSCA”) shall be:

  • To encourage organized sporting clay shooting among residents of the State of Ohio;
  • To encourage safe handling, proper care, and improved marksmanship of shotguns;
  • To promote those characteristics that form the essence of good sportsmanship;
  • To promote the annual state sporting clays championship; and,
  • To provide information about sporting clays ranges in Ohio and surrounding areas of interest to Ohio shooters.

ARTICLE II:   OFFICES The principle office of the OSCA shall be located at the address of the Secretary.  Other offices for the transaction of business may be located at such places as the Board of Directors designates. ARTICLE III:   BOARD OF DIRECTORS

  • Qualification, Election, Term
  1. The corporation shall be governed by a Board of Directors, consisting of six (6) at-large representatives elected by the general membership of the OSCA, and one range/club representative elected by the range/club members. The Directors shall be elected at the annual state meeting or at a special meeting called for that purpose.
  2. A nominating committee appointed by the President will select a slate of nominees for election as Directors. Nominees may also be proposed by the members immediately prior to the election.
  3. The six (6) at-large nominees receiving the highest number of votes will be elected. The range/club members will select their representative in a manner agreed upon by a majority of those range/club members present at the election.
  4. Beginning at the annual meeting for 2002, the Directors will be elected for terms of two (2) years. Directors may serve successive terms.
  5. The elected Board shall appoint two (2) ex-officio Directors, one being a past named officer and one being a designee of the club that hosted the previous year’s annual tournament. In the event that an individual appointed by the Board to serve as an ex-officio member rejects the appointment, the Board need not fill that position.   Ex-officio members of the Board may participate in all activities and duties of the Board.
  • Duties and Powers
  1. The Board of Directors is responsible for the management and control of the affairs, funds, and property of the corporation. Its powers are to commensurate with its duties, subject to the power of the members at the annual or a special meeting to modify or rescind any board action or to adopt measures as they see fit.
  2. The Board may adopt bylaws or rules governing operations and activities of the Board, and other rules as the Board considers advisable.
  3. The Board may appoint, discharge, and fix the compensation and duties of any employees or agents of the corporation.
  4. The Board may also appoint standing and special committees and change committee personnel at will, discipline members for misconduct, remove officers for cause, fill vacancies in any office or in its own membership, and otherwise exercise such powers as are conferred by law on boards of directors of nonprofit corporations.
  5. The Board must approve all expenditures by the association that exceed $500.00.
  • Meetings, Notice, Quorum
  1. The Board of Directors shall meet at least annually in conjunction with the Annual State Tournament. Special meetings of the Board may be called by the President, and shall be called by him on written request of any two directors.  Special meetings may be held at a convenient time and place as the President or Board may direct.
  2. The Secretary may give written notice of the date, time, and place of a meeting of the Board by personal delivery or regular U.S. Mail. Oral or telephone notice is also sufficient if given personally to the director being notified.  Except in an emergency, at least five (5) days’ notice is required.  Notice may be waived as provided in RC 1702.19.
  3. At any meeting of the Board of Directors, a majority of Directors then holding office constitutes a quorum.
  • Meeting by Teleconference

The Board of Directors may meet by means of a conference telephone or similar communication equipment if all persons participating in the meeting can hear each other at the same time.  Participation in such a meeting constitutes presence in person at the meeting. ARTICLE IV:   OFFICER’S DUTIES Within thirty (30) days after the election of Directors at a membership meeting, the Directors shall hold an organization meeting at which they shall elect a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  The offices of Secretary and Treasurer may be held by one person.  Officers shall serve for a term of two (2) years, or until their successors are elected and qualified. In addition to the duties stated below, each Officer shall perform such other duties as may be required by the articles of incorporation or code of regulations, or as may be assigned from time to time by the members or Directors, as well as duties customarily incident to that office. Any disbursement on behalf of the association that exceeds $500.00 must be approved by the Board and requires the signature of one Officer in addition to the Treasurer.

  • President

The President shall preside at all meetings of the members, Directors, and Executive Committee.  He/she may appoint standing and special committees and is an ex-officio member of all committees.   He may execute contracts and legal instruments on behalf of the OSCA.

  • Vice President

The Vice President shall perform all of the duties of President in case of the President’s absence or disability.   If both the President and Vice President are absent or disabled, the members or Directors may appoint a President pro tempore.   The Vice President is an ex-officio member of all committees.   The Vice President has the responsibility for the general promotion of sporting clay shooting.

  • Secretary

The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of all transactions of the corporation, directors, and executive committee; give all notices required by law or the code of regulations; maintain a current roster of members; keep a minute book to record the meetings and other transactions of the corporation, directors, and executive committee; hold all records and other property in his/her custody available for inspection by the directors or persons appointed by them and when leaving office, turn them over to the successor or to the President.

  • Treasurer

The Treasurer shall receive and safely keep all money, notes, securities, trophies, and similar property belonging to the corporation; deposit, invest, or disburse the same under the direction of the Board of Directors or executive committee; keep complete, accurate accounts of all business transactions of the corporation, and render an account of the financial position of the corporation at the annual meeting of the members and at such other times as the members or directors may require; hold all records and property ready for inspection or audit at any time by the Directors or persons appointed by them and when leaving office, turn them over to the successor or to the President. The Treasurer shall furnish a bond in the sum of $10,000.00, the expense of which will be paid by the OSCA. ARTICLE V:   EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE The Executive Committee shall be composed of the officers of the corporation and may act for the Board of Directors in the intervals between meetings of the Board.  Any act of the Executive Committee is subject to modification or rescission by the Board of Directors. ARTICLE VI:   RANGE/CLUB MEMBERSHIP AND RESPONSIBILITIES

  • Membership

Any shooting range or gun club in the State of Ohio or adjoining states having at least one sporting clays course is eligible for membership in the OSCA.  Upon application, payment of the prescribed dues, and approval by the Board of Directors, every range/club in good standing will enjoy all the privileges of the OSCA and will be entitled to vote for the range/club representative on the Board of Directors.

  • Responsibilities
  1. It is the responsibility of any member range/club holding a registered shoot to see that no shooter participates before paying the fees as described in Article IX.
  2. It is the responsibility of the hosting range/club to report shoot results to the OSCA.
  3. The host range/club shall forward all money due the OSCA to the Treasurer within fifteen (15) days following completion of the shoot.
  • The President of the OSCA, with the approval of the Board of Directors, shall have the authority to impose a fine of $100.00 on a range/club in violation of the Code of Regulations, and in extraordinary cases to revoke the membership.


  • Any resident of the State of Ohio is eligible for membership in the OSCA, provided the resident is not restricted from owning or possessing a firearm under any state or federal laws. The term “resident” is defined as a person who has resided in the State of Ohio at least ninety (90) days.
  • Every member in good standing has the privilege of speaking at an annual or special meeting of the OSCA, and is entitled to vote in the election of the Board of Directors.
  • Any shooter in good standing with the NSCA (National Sporting Clays Association) and not in violation of NSCA rules or regulations or any state or federal laws relating to firearms, may participate in any OSCA sanctioned open shoot. The OSCA and the range/club owner reserve the right to disqualify or expel from the grounds any person that violates any range/club or OSCA rule or any person that acts in an unsafe, unsportsmanlike, or rude manner.

ARTICLE VIII:   ANNUAL DUES Range/Club Affiliation Dues: Range/Club Affiliation dues shall be set by the Board of Directors on an annual basis.   The annual dues are payable in advance, and only those clubs which have paid their annual dues will be considered in good standing.  Payment of annual dues must be made to the Treasurer by December 31. Individual Membership Dues: The Board of Directors may establish individual membership dues as they see fit. ARTICLE IX:   FEES Each registered shooter will be charged a state fee of $1.00 per 100 targets for registration with the OSCA.  This fee is in addition to any fee charged by another organization or club. ARTICLE X:   ANNUAL STATE TOURNAMENT Any range/club member in good standing in the State of Ohio may petition the OSCA to be selected for the Annual State Tournament.   Awarding of the State Tournament is subject to the control, discretion, and approval of the Board of Directors of the OSCA. ARTICLE XI:   TOURNAMENT RULES The Board of Directors shall establish the rules that govern all tournaments sanctioned by the OSCA. ARTICLE XII:   TOURNAMENT SCHEDULES

  • Any range/club member that desires to register a tournament must notify the Secretary of the OSCA at least thirty (30) days in advance in order that the date of that tournament may be recorded by the Secretary.
  • An annual range/club shoot will be protected through a meeting designated by the Board, or through such other procedures as the Board may decide. The Annual State Tournament in Article X will not be considered as the protected shoot.
  • If a range/club chooses a shoot date and then cancels that shoot, notification to the OSCA is required within thirty (30) days. It is the sole responsibility of the host range/club to notify shooters that the tournament has been cancelled.


  • The Annual State Meeting of the OSCA shall be held during the Annual State Tournament. Notice of the Annual State Meeting shall be printed in the Annual State Championship Program.
  • Special meetings of the OSCA may be called at any time by the President, or upon written request to the President by any two elected officers. Notice of any special meeting and its purpose shall be sent by the Secretary of the OSCA to each member in good standing at the member’s last known post office address at least fifteen (15) days prior to the date fixed for such meeting.   Notice will be considered delivered when deposited in the United States Postal Service, addressed to the member at the last known address, and with the correct first class postage.   No business may be transacted at the meeting except as specified in the notice.
  • The members present at any membership meeting constitute a quorum. When an action is permitted by means of mail, those members responding constitute a quorum.

ARTICLE XIV:   AMENDMENTS The Code of Regulations may be amended by submitting the proposed amendment(s) to the Secretary of the OSCA in writing at least thirty (30) days prior to the Annual State Meeting or special meeting.  The Secretary of the OSCA must then notify each member of the Board of Directors at least fifteen (15) days prior to the Annual State Tournament or special meeting stating exactly what amendment(s) is contemplated.  The proposed amendment(s) will be presented to the membership at the Annual State Meeting or special meeting, and a majority vote of those participating will govern the decision to pass or defeat the proposed amendment(s). ARTICLE XV:   ACTION BY CONSENT

  • Without the necessity of a meeting, the members of the corporation may take any action that could be taken at a meeting. Such an action by consent requires the affirmative signed written vote of a majority of the members.
  • Without the necessity of a meeting, the Board of Directors may take any action that could be taken at a meeting. Such an action by consent requires the affirmative signed written vote of all the Directors.
  • An action by consent may take place by mail.

ARTICLE XVI:   ORDER OF BUSINESS The order of business of all meetings shall be as follows:

  1. Roll call and seating of Board Members;
  2. Reading of Minutes (at the Annual State Meeting or the previous Annual Meeting shall be read);
  3. Reports of Officers;
  4. Reports of Committees;
  5. Unfinished Business;
  6. Election of Officers (Annual State Meeting only);
  7. New Business; and,
  8. Adjournment.

ARTICLE XVII:   LIABILITY The Board of Directors and its members will not be responsible for any accidents or injuries on any sporting clay field.  The Board is authorized to purchase liability insurance to defend and indemnify the OSCA and the Board.  The cost of this insurance will be paid by the OSCA. ARTICLE XVIII:   HALL OF FAME AWARD The OSCA Board may select individuals (men or women) for the Hall of Fame Award for the Nominating Committee, with the Nominating Committee consisting of five (5) members.  The Nominating Committee shall be chaired by an OSCA Board member, designated by the President.  The Nominating Committee may accept nominations from the general membership throughout the year.  The Nominating Committee shall meet at least once ninety (90) days prior to the Ohio Sporting Clays Championship to review and consider nominations from the general membership and to review the accomplishments and contributions of members and make nominations, as appropriate. Nominations shall be submitted in writing (via letter or email/electronic) and shall include a detailed biography outlining the candidate’s record of accomplishments, achievements, and service.  The Nominating Committee activities shall be considered strictly confidential and are subject to review only by the OSCA Board.   The Nominating Committee may accept, reject, or defer any nomination as the committee sees fit.  The Nominating Committee may take into consideration other factors relative to a candidates qualifications and achievements that may be so compelling that certain requirements delineated herein become mute.  The Nominating Committee shall present nominations to the OSCA Board.  Nominees must receive a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the full OSCA Board for induction into the Hall of Fame.