Contingency Plan for 2017 OSCA State

In the event the Ohio Sporting Clays Championship is shortened due to the occurrence of any natural disaster, act of God or event beyond the direct, immediate control of the Host Club or the OSCA the following procedure may be used to establish the State Champion, runner-up and third and such other placings as may be deemed necessary.

The Board of Directors of the OSCA shall have total authority over the use of and the execution of the Contingency Plan, not the host club.  (The host club shall obviously have the normal authority over their grounds, but subject to this Contingency Plan in this instant scenario.)   All shooters who sign up for and/or take part in some or all of any event are deemed to have accepted the sole authority of the OSCA Board.  No appeals to any authority besides those described below shall have any effect.

Any decision about the use of the Contingency Plan shall be made by the Board of Directors who are present at the shoot.  There must be at least three (3) in order to have a quorum in this circumstance.  No board member who is effected by the Contingency Plan (HOA, RU, M1-M3, X1-X3) may vote, but all shall have input into the decision making process.  The decision of one (1) Board member shall be enough to enact the Contingency Plan if there are otherwise not enough members present for a larger vote.  Other Board Members may be consulted by phone in order to convene a quorum.

If any event is shortened or any rotation is shortened by Act of God, weather, or any other circumstances, the Board of Directors may enact a Contingency Plan to the extent they determine appropriate to determine placings and ranks of shooters in the various events.

The determination that an event or rotation has been shortened shall be solely the province of the Board.  The decision to enact a contingency plan shall be solely the province of the Board.

Any finals, shoot off or replacement course/field may be shot on a 5 stand or overlay field.  The minimum rules of each discipline (for example FITASC) shall be observed in the manner determined by the Board.  For example, FITASC shoot offs require 25 targets.  Sub gauge events require the use of the appropriate gauge.  Super Sporting requires the use of three or more traps per stand, etc.  However, once the minimum rules of each event are satisfied, in the sole discretion of the Board, said event may be resolved on a 5 stand or overlay field.

The Board shall endeavor to create a level of competition possible under the circumstances.  The Board may decide how many participants they will allow to participate.  This may be determined in whatever way the Board feels is equitable.  If the various participants have not shot the same courses, then the Board may adjust scores by as equitable a system as possible or may start all participants scores at zero, as they see fit.

The Board may designate a new sporting course to be shot at the Host Club.  Alternatively, the Board may have the competitors shoot on a 5 stand or overlay field as described above.

If the Host Club grounds are not suitable for the determinations, the Board may designate another upcoming registered shoot at another club in order to determine placements.  A quorum of the Board shall attend such shoot to administer the procedure chosen.

Only a shooter who has been selected to participate in a contingency shall have standing to protest.  Such protest shall be stated to the Board prior to the first shot being fired.  The shooter must succinctly state his objection and basis to the Board, who will issue a ruling.  There is no appeal to this procedure.


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